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    Areas of Specialty


    Adjustment Disorders (divorce, illness, life changes)

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    Anxiety Spectrum (general, panic, OCD) 

    Grief & Loss

    ADD & ADHD

    Couple's Counseling

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Welcome to the Healing Haus.  We are delighted your healing journey has brought you here.  You don’t have to accept that you’re feeling misunderstood, isolated, stuck, angry, sad, or anxious.  Pain is natural, but struggle and suffering are what happens when we don’t act.  Our goal is to gently approach the hurdle(s) that are keeping you from fulfilling a wholesome and authentic life.  We understand that throughout life, changes and events may cause emotional conflict, confusion, and feel unbearable.  We believe strongly that people are very resilient, and we are passionate about assisting individuals find their inner strength to overcome. 

The word “Haus” means “home or house” in the German language.  We all have an internal Haus within our heart, and this can include our life experiences, secrets, loved ones, places, and hobbies.  For the founder of Healing Haus Counseling (Judy), her healing Haus includes the Austrian Alps where she once lived.  Nothing fulfills her more than sitting in the Alps and being amongst the mountain tops and nature.  When she's not there, she imagines sitting on the cool grass and hearing a distant cow bell or yodel while breathing the fresh mountain air.  The snowcapped peaks are magnificent and magical and it’s truly her happy place.  It’s her Healing Haus.  She finds peace there.  Her Haus also consists of her hobbies, family, and friends. 

Because of life’s difficulties, the Haus may become disorienting, unorganized, dirty, and may feel unlivable.  A trauma may have occurred where you are left feeling alone, confused, angry, and misunderstood.  Someone significant in your life may have died and you feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of sadness.  Your inner Haus may be so intolerable due to suffocating anxiety and depression you can’t do the bare minimum.  There is no shame in reaching out for help to assist with reorganizing, cleaning up, and feeling balanced again.  We understand everyone has had a hurting Haus at least one time in their life and that’s why we stand in a place of no judgment.  We recognize it has taken strength and courage to reach out for help and we commend you for doing so. 

We welcome you to this Healing Haus where we work together to identify your hurdles in life, collaborate on how to move through them, and finally reach a place of healing and peace.  We acknowledge you are welcoming your therapist into your hurting Haus, and your therapist is honored to be with you on your journey.   

Healing Haus


I was in my 40s coming out of a long-term toxic relationship that had left me depressed and experiencing symptoms of PTSD. I also had emotional scars from unprocessed childhood trauma. I just wanted to stop hurting and begin healing. That led me to researching grief and trauma therapy and I came across Judy Keatley.

Making the decision to begin therapy and placing the call to Judy changed my life. I remember being nervous during the initial call. However, Judy has a gentle calming tone of voice that made me more relaxed and comfortable. She listened with compassion as I shared my story and the emotional pain I felt. She explained how the body and mind reacts to trauma, which gave me an understanding of my symptoms. She has made me feel safe and supported each step of the way. The therapy sessions and suggestions are always nurturing and aimed towards healing in a healthy way. Not only have a worked through issues that have held me back, I can honestly say I now am comfortable in my own skin and am at peace within. I will be forever grateful to Judy for playing such an integral role in my continuing journey of self discovery and the process of healing.  It has truly changed my life. - Beth K

Judith has been so helpful in my recovery from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I did not seek therapy when I dealt with a traumatic experience and I should have, I struggled for many years. I was researching therapy and thought CBT therapy would help me. I admit I was very hesitant, but I gave it a try. Judith has been a true blessing in my recovery. Don't hesitate or be embarrassed, self-care is important, and YOU are important. You will not find a more sincere therapist who truly cares about YOU and your healing. - Sandy P.

I started with Judy in 2019 and because of her compassion, competence, and commitment to wholeness and well-being as a therapist, I am in a much better place than when I started, even through grief and COVID and many other stressors. I highly recommend Judy for anyone, but especially for those dealing with grief and with tweens and teens. – Rachel C.

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